Looking to the future: supporting Vietnam’s next generation of pharmacists at Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy

At mClinica, we’re committed to transforming healthcare in Asia. This means looking to the future and to Asia’s future pharmacy professionals. As part of this goal, in May 2018 we co-sponsored the Pharmacy 4.0 Competition at Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy. The event was designed to help Pharmacy students to cultivate the skills they will need in their future careers, and it was a great success. We’re proud to have supported the event and its young pharmacists under our SwipeRx brand. In teams of three, the students battled it out through several rounds. These included poster design, a multiple


mClinica announces partnership with Philippine Pharmacists Association at its national convention to offer free online continuing professional development on SwipeRx

On May 3, 2018, mClinica COO and Forbes 30 Under 30 2017 awardee Vasil Rusinov spoke at the 2018 National Convention of the Philippine Pharmacists Association, Inc., themed “Advancing Pharmacy Practices through Advocacy and Technology.” Rusinov’s talk was particularly appropriate for the 3,500 licensed pharmacists in attendance: mClinica’s mobile platform for pharmacy professionals, SwipeRx, had just reached the milestone of 80,000 users across the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. As a social organization, this tech is only a means to a larger advocacy: mClinica wants to improve public health across Asia, which it is now doing for the


mClinica strikes official partnership with the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand (PAT) under Royal Patronage to increase access to digital continuing pharmaceutical education (CPE) to pharmacists on the SwipeRx platform

mClinica – the health-tech organization behind SwipeRx – introduced the free mobile application to Thailand on November 17, 2017 at the Thailand Pharmacy Congress, which was themed “Smart Aging Life and Digital Pharmacy 4.0.” Since the Thailand launch, SwipeRx has enjoyed the rapid growth it has experienced in other markets, with local pharmacists taking to the platform to network and collaborate with their fellow pharmacy professionals, get advice from industry peers on the discussion board, and search for and apply to jobs. SwipeRx operates in six countries – including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia – with more than 80,000


mClinica increases grassroots efforts with activation event in Vietnam in bid to address growing demand for SwipeRx in country

As the largest platform for pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia, SwipeRx now counts more than 75,000 registered users since its launch in January 2017. In the Philippines, 1 in every 2 pharmacists is on the platform, and in Indonesia, it’s 1 in every 3. Though Vietnam is one of the newer markets for SwipeRx, the platform is enjoying the highest user growth rate for the entire region. mClinica Regional Manager Beth Ann Lopez, who serves as the country head of Vietnam, accounts the incredible growth to the population’s digital savvy. “A full eighty-five percent of Vietnamese in cities own smartphones,


mClinica leads health-tech conversation at Saigon Innovation Hub in Vietnam – one of the organization’s newest and fastest growing market

Earlier this month, Siagon Innovation Hub (SIHUB) hosted a HealthTech Asia Meetup themed “How Tech and Social Enterprise are Revolutionizing Public Health in Southeast Asia” that featured mClinica Regional Manager Beth Ann Lopez as one of the three speakers. Joining Lopez in advancing the conversation around health-technology were Will Greene, the director of TigerMine, an advisory boutique that helps innovative organizations, such as med-tech and bio-tech firms, succeed in Asia, and Phi Van Nguyen, the chairman of SIHUB, an initiative under Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Science and Technology that seeks to support local startups to global success. Lopez,