Miss SwipeRx crowned at Hanoi University of Pharmacy’s Miss Pharmacy Hanoi Pageant

The Hanoi University of Pharmacy recently hosted the fifth biennial Miss Pharmacy Hanoi pageant on November 3rd, 2018, sponsored by Singapore-based health startup mClinica. For the first time ever, a Miss SwipeRx was crowned this year.  The Hanoi University of Pharmacy has organized the Miss Pharmacy Hanoi pageant every other year for the past decade. This past year, mClinica joined in to sponsor the most successful event yet. Taking home the title this year as well as cash prizes, vouchers, and a scholarship, Miss Do Phuong Loan, #4, wowed the judges with her intelligence and flair. She also charmed audiences

AYPG and SwipeRx sign official partnership

The Asian Young Pharmacists group (AYPG) has signed an official partnership with SwipeRx, a platform for pharmacy professionals created by mClinica. SwipeRx, already hosting a bustling network of pharmacy professionals across Asia, will serve as a communication platform to keep young pharmacists informed of events, updates, and announcements, as well as attracting new young pharmacy professionals to the community. Founded in 2011, the AYPG is a coalition representing young pharmacists from throughout Asia, focusing on youth interest in the profession. The group originally began with six members representing Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea. It has grown

mClinica CEO Farouk Meralli speaks on final day of 2018 FAPA Congress

Farouk Meralli, CEO of Singapore-based startup mClinica, spoke on the final day of the 27th Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) Congress, held on October 24th-27th in Manila, Philippines. Meralli’s speech focused on the evolution of pharmacy in Asia, ensuring sustainability and social relevance through innovation and technology. FAPA hosts its Congress biennially, welcoming pharmacy professionals from throughout the Asian region and beyond. This year, 1500 attendees gathered in Plenary Hall on the 27th to listen to closing speakers Dr. Doralyn Dalisay, mClinica’s Farouk Meralli, and Dr. Jonathan Chu. The event’s theme centered around pharmacy’s role in contributing towards global

Singapore’s mClinica partners with Philippines FDA to create country’s first national health database

In partnership with the Philippines FDA, Singapore-based startup mClinica is helping the Philippines create its first integrated national health information system. More than 23 million prescriptions will be digitized each month, offering an immense amount of data. Such information can be used to understand disease trends, respond to crises, and even predict outbreaks, all thanks to a tool called the Electronic Drug Safety System, or eDSS, designed by mClinica. The eDSS allows the nation’s 15,000 pharmacists to digitize records of every prescription they fill by simply using an app on their mobile phones. Earlier this year, the country adopted a

mClinica speaks at IQVIA APAC Summit 2018

Welcoming leaders in healthcare from throughout the Asia Pacific region, the IQVIA APAC Summit 2018 took place on 11 October 2018 at Singapore’s Grand Hyatt. With a focus on transforming integrated care through technology, IQVIA hosted over 15 panels and discussions throughout the course of the one-day Summit, concentrating on the region’s most pressing challenges and innovations in healthcare and data science. Topics covered ranged from the evolution of data science to its future within the Asia Pacific region, and how best to draw connections in order to generate meaningful conclusions for the region’s healthcare industry. mClinica CEO Farouk Meralli