Day: December 10, 2019

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Thai Pharmacists Fear OTC sales following FDA decision

Most pharmacists will be able to tell you meaningful stories behind what motivated them to join the industry. When we asked Rungthip, a veteran pharmacist in Bangkok about her motivations, she told us the story of the time she moved her grandmother into a nursing home. While moving her belongings

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Real-time Healthcare in Demand

Real-time, it’s one of the latest buzzwords. With the evolution of the internet of things real-time solutions are reaching fever pitch across almost every industry. Most food delivery services allow you to monitor the location of your food delivery in real time. Transport providers also offer real-time location tracking. Real-time


Generic Medicine: The State of Play across Southeast Asia

Across the globe many people are working multiple jobs in order to earn the income they need to keep up with rising costs. A dollar today just doesn’t buy what it used to. But, it’s not just the price of a Gucci bag that has increased, necessities continue to skyrocket.