Solutions for
Governments and
Aid organizations

Improving Health Outcomes in Southeast Asia

Pharmacies are often the first point of access to modern medical advice and treatment for many people in emerging markets, especially in poor and rural communities. Pharmacy professionals in Southeast Asia play a critical role in improving health outcomes and are an invaluable source of data and insights on which health policies and programs can be built upon.

mClinica provides governments and aid organizations with  access to this critical stakeholder in primary healthcare. Governments and aid organizations across the world already use mClinica’s platforms to support public health policy, programs and services.

Advocacy and Awareness programs

  • Reach more than 150,000 pharmacy professionals at once with SwipeRx, mClinica’s social network
  • Deliver targeted news and roll-out impactful advocacy and awareness campaigns on the platform
  • Increase provider awareness of public health issues through targeted social marketing campaigns
  • Use our technical assistance to engage the pharmacy channel

Evidence-Based Policy Making
and Health Monitoring

  • With SwipeRx, conduct rapid, cost-effective and highly targeted surveys and digital focus group discussions from a pool of 150,000+ pharmacy professionals across Southeast Asia
  • Design custom tools to engage pharmacists in case referrals, notifications and more for diseases like TB and HIV
  • Our AI-powered SnapRx app uses pharmacists’ mobile phone cameras to digitize paper prescriptions, generating geolocated health data in real time
  • Analyze both real-time and historical data to inform policies and programs on the ground
  • Monitor medicine use at both public and private sector pharmacies
  • Detect disease outbreaks before they spiral out of control

Healthcare Workforce
Capacity Building

  • SwipeRx delivers accredited continuing professional development (CPD) to pharmacy professionals’ mobile phones, scaling up your health education initiatives across geographies
  • Design and distribute CPD modules to build the capacity of pharmacy professionals on key health issues
  • Increase pharmacy professionals’ access to continuing education through free, accredited and convenient CPD modules

Patient Adherence
and Access To Medicines Programs

Connect delivers data-driven patient programs that allow patients to better afford, adhere to, and understand their medication thereby improving health outcomes
  • Lower the price of high value medicines (e.g. hepatitis C treatment) through targeted discounting and patient assistance programs
  • Deliver health education and treatment adherence messages directly to patients’ phones, helping them finish their long-course therapies for HIV or TB
  • Collect data on patient adherence at scale